i write a perzine called ghost lungs & i live in the midwest with a gray cat named simone de beauvoir.

Oh My God

i was trying to figure out if i was right that the first truck i remember my dad having was an ‘85 or ‘86 silverado (i think it was actually an ‘83?? not sure, the way i remember it most vividly is from behind, it was also pretty rusty, so it’s hard to tell) and i stumbled on this video which is a compilation of pictures of chevy silverados from 1980 to 2014 set to john denver’s “thank god i’m a country boy”

i can’t even, i’m dying

hey, tell me how you started following me and/or why you still follow me. (or whatever else, i don’t know)


Sketch dump

that gold, though


Sketch dump

that gold, though

racecarismycat liked your photo:this stick’n’poke is the most Punk thi

danni, i’m sorry we never did tattoos together but i’m really glad you like this one

this stick’n’poke is the most Punk thing i have ever done or will ever do

this stick’n’poke is the most Punk thing i have ever done or will ever do

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trucks my dad has had during my lifetime

'85 or '86 chevy silverado, green, he had those wooly seat covers inside, i think he got them at quality farm and fleet (which later got bought out by tractor supply, side note: i once pet a baby lion there, completely unclear on why they had baby lions at quality farm and fleet, but i digress), a john denver tape, a gloria estefan tape, and a linda ronstadt tape, i remember riding in the cab with his beagles and opening the little window in the back

'91 ford f150, gray, he didn't like it as much as the chevy but it had a double cab

'97 chevy silverado, bright green, also had a double cab, two simon and garfunkel tapes (bookends and the sound of silence) and bob dylan's greatest hits, this is about the time that i started listening to my parents' records and stopped listening to top 40 stuff, he sold it after he hit a deer in it three separate times

'00 chevy silverado, gray, i learned to drive in this truck, he also picked me up unexpectedly from practice for the high school play and drove in circles around the old shell of the gm plant (they were tearing it down from the inside out) to tell me that he was planning on filing for divorce (he didn't wind up doing it, my mother did, years later)

'08 chevy silverado, navy blue, it's way too big, way bigger than necessary, like a tank, actually


A 404 tattoo over my heart

i wish emily still used tumblr regularly, she’s a genius

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[tw abuse, death]

easter was two years since my dad changed the locks on the house (abruptly locking me out of what had been my childhood home), and it’s almost two years since laura died

most days i feel like i’m over it, like i can make it into a past thing

but right now i just want to kick and cry and scream, i would drive to the lake to sit by the water if i could but i have to work in the morning

(i was going to delete this, but i think maybe it’s important to learn to sit with the fact that sometimes i feel this way, it’s ok to feel wild, i don’t always have to try to appear ok)

kickintheeyes said: did anyone ever think shawn was less cute???????!

?? people on this yahoo answers thread (lol) that i found when i googled “corey is cuter than shawn boy meets world” seem to think so, but only maybe 50% of them at most, they are clearly wrong wrong wrong